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F2 Savannah kittens and Bengal kittens for sale

      We usually have Bengal kittens for sale or available to reserve year round. If not, I can put you on our waiting list so you can reserve your kitten as soon as they become available for reservation. We will have a litter of F2 Savannahs born in 2017.

    We are a small TICA registered Bengal and Savannah cattery located 20 minutes outside of Phoenix, AZ in North East Mesa. We ship worldwide. We deliver our Bengal kittens to the metro Phoenix area, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, the Sedona, Flagstaff and Prescott areas, as well as Tucson, Quartzsite, Palm Springs, Temecula, San Diego, CA and the Nevada border for people coming from Las Vegas.

     We are well known for having socialized, confident Bengal kitties with defined leopard markings. See our About Us page for more information. Bengals are a unique breed. They are the only domestic cat with the same markings as leopards, and hollow hairs that look like "glitter" in the sunlight. They also shed less and seem to bother allergies less than domestic cats. They are known for being more easily trainable, such as being trained to walk on a leash, sit or stay. Many love water like their ancestors, the Asian Leopard Cat. The Bengal breed is known to follow their owners from room to room. They love interaction and are loyal companions.

     The Savannah comes from an African Serval and domestic cat breeding. This produces an F1 (first generation away from the Serval). When an F1 is bred with any cat other than a Serval, they produce an F2 (second generation away from the Serval). Usually an F5 or later generation Savannah male is bred with an F1 since early generation males are infertile. An F2 male Savannah is in the Guinness Book of World as being the tallest cat. F2 males are typically larger than F1 males, surprisingly. Our large, 60% F1 girl, Zambia will be delivering F2 kittens.

     The gorgeous coats of the Savannah can have a wide range in coloring and markings depending on the generation away from the Serval and the type of domestic cat used in their breeding. Early generations have bold and dark spotting on a lighter tan or silverish coat. Many breeders use wild-looking spotted breeds such as the Bengal, Egyptian Mau or Ocicat to preserve these bold markings in the later generations. Savannahs are more difficult to breed and take more effort on the part of the breeder for socialization.

     Early generation Savannahs have very connected, intelligent and almost human-like personality. They are very loyal cats who will bond strongly with their human family. They are a very adventurous, curious, and bold cat. They have a high activity level and need a lot of daily interaction, either with their human family or with a companion cat. They love to show affection on their own initiation, greeting you at the door, following you around the house wherever you go, giving headbutts all the time and chirping meows to communicate with you. Early generation Savannahs love to play in water and love to play games such as fetch, hide-and-go-seek, and jumping agility routines. They love to carry around their toys and can easily be trained to walk on a leash with a harness.


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