Although visiting to test allergies can be a good idea, keep in mind that we have several cats in the house so the concentration of allergens will be higher. We also have dogs that come inside the house so there will be dander from the dogs present.

    If you are fairly certain you want a kitten from our next available litter, you can certainly come spend time with the kittens we have available to test your allergies. If you do not experience allergies, we invite you to wait until the next day to place a deposit on your kitten of choice, just as an extra precaution.

    On the other hand, if you are just starting to consider a Bengal (and are not sure from whom/when/which litter you would be potentially purchasing a kitten) and want to test your allergies we are not open to the general public for the purpose of allergy testing.

Allergies to Bengals

Can I hang out at your house for a while and see if my allergies bother me?  

hy·po·al·ler·gen·ic /ˌhīpōˌalərˈjenik/ adjective adjective: hypoallergenic; adjective: hypo-allergenic      (especially of cosmetics and textiles) Relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Are Bengals Hypoallergenic?  

Yes, Bengals are considered hypoallergenic.

    Remember that hypoallergenic describes something that is LESS likely to cause an allergic reaction, not that it is impossible to be allergic. That being said, the majority of people that have allergies to cats do not experience an allergic reaction to Bengals. In about 8 years of breeding I have seen 3 people have symptoms of allergies to Bengals. I have seen many people who are allergic to cats be just fine with Bengals. The Bengal cat is on the top 10 list of hypoallergenic cats/ best cats for people with allergies.

    Those with cat allergies are allergic to proteins in the cat's saliva and dander (tiny dried flakes of skin). Bengals are said to have a different protein, which is less likely to cause allergies.

    Most people think they are allergic to the cat's hair, which is not true. That being said, Bengals do shed much less than the average cat. Many people are surprised to hear that the hairless Sphynx cat is not considered hypoallergenic. They still have the same protein in their saliva and skin particles that flake off into the air, they are just not depositing hair with the dander/saliva on it.

    Interesting to note, many people develop an immunity to cats they live with. This is because cat allergies are due to an overreactive immune response. The body has an exaggerated immune reaction to substances that are normally harmless. After being exposed over time, many pet owners' bodies may realize that this immune response is unnecessary and slowly adapt to a proper (non)response.

    Dander in general (all furry friends have dander, dogs and birds too) can be lessened by hepa filters in your vacuum or air filter, as well as cleaning walls and furniture.