grandparent is an

African Serval

African Servals are from the African Savanna where their thin, long shape functions to run through tall grasses.

black spots down to their toes with cool-toned tan background color

taller, more slender body shape

long legs, necks and especially tall ears

F2 Savannah Cat is the larger of these two breeds - an F2 Savannah is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest domestic cat in the world (although there is variance in size in each litter)

eats more food and needs a longer/taller litter box

home with a larger space to exercise is preferable

more active and tend to retain more of their wild instincts - more intelligent

intensely loyal, devoted, connected with owners

have more of a chirp than a meow, coarse but soft pelt with longer belly fur (inherited from the Serval)

thicker version of the F1

more suspicious of unknown visitors, wanting to observe from a high place

have 25% or more African Serval blood

more conformable than an F1 - will handle change easier, but drastic change will still be hard for them to accept

higher purchase price than a Bengal due to rarity, smaller litters, high cost of attaining F1 mother and breeding difficulty

ancestry is from an

Asian Leopard

muscular cat that is lower to the ground

Asian Leopards are native to Asian forests so their low-set, muscular body shape functions to skillfully move in trees.

smaller ears and larger rosette (two-toned) spotting on their coats

vibrant coloring

curious, intelligent, very interactive with people and other pets

hypoallergenic - less likely to cause allergic reaction

silky coat

greater adaptability

more domestic in temperament

SBT Bengals

hybrids of mixing a domestic cat with a “wild” cat

high-energy, social, playful, dog-like personality

form strong bond to owners

great hunters, athletic

love to perch on high places

can be mischievous due to their intelligence and curiosity

due to their high energy levels, most prefer to sit next to you / on you rather than being held or constrained but still tolerate it

always want to be near their owner

love to play in water

can be trained to walk on a leash and enjoy outdoor exploring

do not need a special veterinarian

get regular cat vaccines

spayed/neutered the same as other cats

protein-focused grain-free food cat food recommended

short "pelt-like" fur with very little shedding

have good litter box skills


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Bengal vs Savannah


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