Hilltop Osiris of LeopardCraze

   Osiris is such an affectionate, cuddly cat who purrs even when you simply look at him. He has a very soft, clear coat with stunning contrasted coloring and defined rosettes. He has a gorgeous rounded head like the Asian Leopard Cat, which is not very common in an SBT (Bengal more than four generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat). Osiris has an amazing pedigree. His grandmother produced the number one bengal internationally.

Want to see what my kittens look like?

LeopardCraze Poseidon is my son.

LeopardCraze Bellatrix is my daughter.

*HCM tested normal  11/12/2011 by Dr. Herndon*

Echocardiography with Doppler was performed and the results were within limits of normal. Normal cardiovascular examination- congenital heart disease is not evident.