Photo credit: Elena Bolozan, Elysor Bengals
Elysor Bengals is an awesome breeding

program in Edmonton, Canada!

     Since these hairs are just starting to fall out at around 10-13 weeks old, usually right when the kitten is being sold, so many times people are surprised to see how much their kitten’s coat clears up over the next month or so after they receive them.

     Many breeders do not take photos of their kittens when they are in the fuzzies, because people who do not know about them may assume they are permanent.

Examples of the Ugly Fuzzies

Here at 6 months old his coat has cleared up a lot and his coloring is more vibrant.

In this next photo, Poseidon is 13 weeks old, just coming out of the fuzzies.

This is Poseidon at 3 weeks old. You can see he is just starting to develop some fuzziness. His markings appear very clear, but there is almost a veil of white-tipped hairs, especially up toward the spine and the back end .

This is Aziza again. You can see her coloring remained basically the same, (in the indoor photo she looks very gold due to lighting). The ugly fuzzies are now gone!

During fuzzies as they have almost cleared... you can see her white, grey

and black tipped hairs, mostly toward her back side, as she is about the age where they should begin falling out.
(You can also see how the gold coloring took time to show.)

At 10 weeks old

Before fuzzies...

Just 12 days old

After - at 10 1/2 weeks old When the ugly fuzzies are starting to drop out

Before - at 7 weeks old While in the ugly fuzzies

 Ugly Fuzzies
What are they? When will they go away?
...and other answers about the development of bengal markings...

     “Ugly fuzzies” are hairs tipped with a muted color found scattered throughout the coats of young leopards. This is to protect the young from predators looking for their leopard markings. These ugly fuzzies are passed on to the Bengal cat, from the Asian Leopard Cat (from which Bengals originate).

     When Bengals are around 4 weeks old, they begin to get white, grey and/or black tipped hairs scattered throughout their coat.
These hairs start to fall out at around 10-13 weeks old.

Ugly Kitten Fuzzies