We are not open to the public for tours

We only accept cash
Absolutely no personal checks under any circumstances

Please bring a carrier with you to pick up your kitten

      Please remember our bengal cattery is also our home. We are conveniently located in Mesa, and we get many people that want to come over and “see the kittens”. Please note, we are not a petting zoo. We are not open to the public for tours, as we have very young kittens in the house and have made the choice not to expose our babies to the stresses of frequent exhibition.

      We do allow people to come over and pick their kitten(s) out. Kittens can be visited for reservation when they are between 6-12 weeks. At this time a $300 deposit can be made to reserve the kitten of your choice. After they are 11-12 weeks, you can pick your kitten up, or we can deliver if you are local. If you are interested in a future litter, you will need to wait until that litter is at least 5-6 weeks old to come and see them. Please let me know ahead of time what kitten/kittens you are interested in specifically before coming over, as I may have a pending reservation or a specific type of home in mind for the kitten.

We allow a maximum of three people at a time to come choose your kitten. This includes well-behaved children that are kept within arms reach.

If you are looking to play with some bengals, or if you might want a kitten sometime in the distant future, please understand that we only have enough time for people that are picking out their kitten(s).

      Please do not come to our cattery on a day on which you go to another breeder beforehand. You could be unintentionally bringing over viruses/parasites from the cattery you visited previously. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Visiting Guide